Retirement: a new beginning


Companies are increasingly taking "end of career" seriously. Subject often considered non-priority, many difficulties could be avoided both for the company and for the future retirees themselves.


Retirement is sometimes a difficult stage: what life outside? The company has so far provided the structuring framework. The collaborator is part of a collective history where projects, deadlines, objectives to be achieved, stages, progress have been developed. She has, in principle, taken care to maintain her motivation and skills in the hope that the employee, in return, will give his best (unfavorable situations of stress or mistreatment are excluded here).

But retirement is the moment when the employee separates from this collective.


Discover your new aspirations

Upon retirement, a destabilizing, sometimes anxiety-provoking feeling, accompanied by a feeling of loss of identity appears. The signals testifying to its usefulness, its legitimacy and often its social status stop. It is individually that he must now face this change. He becomes solely responsible for structuring his time, goals and evaluation.

He must rediscover his singularity, reassess his own resources, know his new aspirations. The prospect of this autonomy for which he may not be prepared. The situation can therefore be anxiety-provoking for someone who is at the end of their career, especially if the environment makes them feel that they are "less needed".


Don't fall into the traps

Neglecting retirements or offering a "waiting" position entails many risks.

  • The prospect of retirement can have negative effects on a person's performance.
  • The dissociation of the future retiree can have a negative impact on his work environment and produce demobilization within a team.
  • The company also risks depriving itself of the benefits of accumulated experience and original skills - which in some cases can be transmitted at low cost.

Supporting retirements therefore means optimizing the contribution of future retirees and maintaining their commitment before departure. It also means being recognized as a company that takes care of all its employees (and not just the top talents in their thirties!). The company is attractive for young talents, for those who want to progress and on the senior market.

▶️ Are you retiring soon? Address the question of your project by highlighting your assets, your desires and your skills. Imagine a serene retirement. What does it look like? What strength can you build on to manage your retirement well?

In the midst of changes in work, the extension of working hours and the aging of the active population, the challenge of maintaining a good quality of life at work for seniors is becoming a priority. The company gains in efficiency by valuing experience while allowing end-of-career plans. For this, building a solid bridge between the generations is essential.